Unframed Artwork Grab Boxes

Unframed Artworks Grab Boxes

If you want one (or more!), holler at me.

UPDATE: Box C is sold.

Each grab box has 80 small unframed original artworks; 99 percent soft pastel paintings and sketches, with a few watercolor, oil pastel and alcohol ink sketches as well. Sizes range from about 3 inches up to 8 x 10 inches. Some have backing boards but most don't. Works are individually sealed in clear photo bags for protection, but they are not bubble wrapped or anything due to being snugly fit into the boxes. I tried to ensure equal quantities of mediums and sizes in each box for fairness.

I don't know what specific works are in each box as they are basically grab boxes, so I can't accommodate requests. They're all nature/landscape themed though - you can get an idea of my painting style by browsing this website. All are handpainted by me.

No guarantees or returns. Many are odd/nonstandard sizes.

Available within US only at this time.

I'm only asking for the cost of priority shipping (to hopefully avoid long transit times) and my labor packing them up, so $25 each. Please email me if interested.

All my artwork is created entirely by hand, utilizing no digital or artificial intelligence processes.