Unframed Artworks Grab Boxes

Unframed Artworks Grab Boxes Available

Will you adopt us?

A large selection of my little gems are looking for new homes, and can be yours merely for the cost of packaging and shipping, while they last. The image above is just a small sample of what is available.

Each grab box will contain 5 small unframed original hand-painted artworks. All are soft pastels, handpainted by me using finest artist quality soft pastels on archival paper or boards. The works are individually sealed in clear photo bags for protection, and all works on paper include foamcore or cardboard backing in the bag. Sizes generally range from around 4 x 6 inches up to 5 x 7 inches to fit in Priority Small Box packaging and are $15 USD each shipped.

Boxes are $15 USD each with free shipping via USPS Priority to US only (no international orders at this time please).

The paintings are all nature/landscape themed and you can get an idea of my painting style by browsing this website.

No guarantees or returns. Available within US only at this time.

All my artwork is created entirely by hand, utilizing no digital or artificial intelligence processes.