Charities I Support

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."

~ Albert Einstein ~

"For the Love of Solitude"

© 2019 Tammy Kaufman

12" x 9" soft pastel on Art Spectrum Colourfix

Paintings with a Purpose

Although creating my paintings is done purely as the work of my own heart, I do occasionally offer some specific paintings for sale, with profits donated to charities; and from time to time also donate some of my artwork collections to select entities.

In addition to supporting a variety of animal welfare and environmental protection charities, I also have a special interest in mental health and wellness. Having personally struggled with post-traumatic mental illness most of my life, I know all too well the challenges of needing/wanting therapy and being unable to access or afford it. Although in the past few years I have finally been privileged to access much-needed mental health care, I realize far too many women are still struggling needlessly. So I am offering several of my framed and wired ready-to-hang paintings in exchange for donations directly to The Loveland Foundation's Therapy Fund which provides financial assistance to Black women and girls nationally seeking therapy. Please contact myself or Page158 Books in Wake Forest for more information on this.

Links to the charities I support include the following:

The Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund

Beyond Fences (Formerly Coalition to Unchain Dogs)

Feed Our Pets

Natural Resources Defense Council


Environmental Defense Fund

350 Dot Org Environmental

Southern Environmental Law Center

Environment North Carolina

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

SPCA of Wake County

Saving Grace NC

American Wild Horse Campaign

Sierra Club

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Wildlife Conservation Network

Paws For Life NC (Formerly Franklin County Humane Society of North Carolina)

NC CLAWS Inc. Wildlife Rescue and Rehab

Best Friends Animal Society

Born Free USA

Soi Dog Foundation

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

"Face to Face Heart to Heart"

© 2020 Tammy Kaufman

6" x 4" soft pastel on Strathmore Artagain