The Diaphanous Oracle

Thank you for your interest in The Diaphanous Oracle. All decks available through this website have now found homes, and this deck is out of print/will not be reprinted.

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*This deck is OUT OF PRINT, and will NOT be reprinted.*

~ Take the training wheels off your intuition with The Diaphanous Oracle ~

These 84 intuitively painted cards have deeply layered imagery with a keyword printed on each one. This deck is the work of my artist's heart, and all the images were created entirely by hand, utilizing no digital or artificial intelligence processes. The artwork is a series of abstracted images pulled directly from the depths of my spirit as a means of reconnecting with myself during a multiyear period of feeling lost and searching. A way to let my soul speak unedited and unrestrained. There is no guidebook because the images have a voice all their own. I didn't want their visual message to be lost or restricted by the limits of a few paragraphs of words that may resonate today but perhaps not tomorrow.

The Diaphanous Oracle is not a deck for everyone. It will challenge you and will expect you to show up as your own raw vulnerable self, willing to look deeply into your own heart and face your truth. But in return it can offer you so much more. It can be a supportive tool to help with journaling your thoughts and feelings, a mirror to reflect back what you already know deep down inside, a comfort and a visual journey.

Printed on a 330 GSM superior smooth flexible cardstock with black core, the 3.5-inch square size of these cards fits easily in the hand, and the deck arrives in a 2-piece custom designed box for safekeeping. This was a limited edition print run of only 50 decks, now out of print.

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The Diaphanous Oracle by Tammy Kaufman

More Than Just Amazing Art ~ The Diaphanous Oracle

The Diaphanous Oracle came to me at a time when I was absolutely looking for Magick. Upon opening the beautiful box, I was mesmerized by the art and how distinctly different every one of the 84 paintings were from each other in medium, style, and most of all resonance. I was able to have a long conversation with Tammy and gained such insight into her body of work. She has a massive portfolio that just left me speechless. This deck is a culmination of 5 years of careful curating and thoughtful consideration, with each card evoking a certain emotional response and intuitive cue. If you want to delve further into your intuition, move into shadow work, journal/write with more feeling, or increase your depth with tarot or any other form of divination system, this deck is for you.

I started out with a card in the morning for insight and one at night for reflection as the artist's notes describe in the enclosure; however, I loved this deck so much that I began experimenting a bit. The Diaphanous Oracle is an instantaneous shortcut to our emotions, and soon I was creating prompt groups/spreads with it, and finding insights that I had been previously overlooking. Not only does this deck stand alone wonderfully, it instantly pairs, supports, and directs without skipping a beat, asking the hard questions that we just might have been avoiding. You can pull randomly and do the same with a card from another oracle/tarot deck, or look through them all and choose what speaks to you to create layouts completely of your own design. Not only does this tweak the intuition with the Diaphanous Oracle itself, but to be able to better understand our process through deeper work with another tool is an added benefit! I also found these mini works of art to be unequaled for meditation and shadow work. This creation bares the very heart and soul of the artist herself, and while you might see the smattering of beautiful colors and think that this oracle is "sweet", you would be entirely incorrect to stop there. There is so much more here to feel, read, divine, and understand than what you see on the delicate surface. This deck invites us to take our intuition to another level entirely, to explore a path less traveled; to find more fulfillment in meditation and divination. Don't sleep on this LIMITED EDITION!

You may purchase a copy while they last on the artist's website (check out her Instagram as well) and as always, this review is NOT SPONSORED!