Soft Pastel Landscapes

Soft pastels created from the pigments of the earth itself are a perfect medium for reflecting the landscape's tranquil moments in time. I love the immediacy and intimate connection of artist's hand directly to the painting surface when using soft pastels and feel they are a perfect match to the quiet voice of nature.

Animal Portraits

There is something so beautiful and expressive in the eyes and shape of an animal - a touch of the untamed world lying just beneath the calm unassuming exterior of fur that speaks volumes in a single glance - reminding me that we're all unique individual strands in this tapestry called life.

Oil Pastel Landscapes

The lush tapestries of the landscape are reflected with the rich tones and textures of oil pastels, allowing nature to speak with a whisper to the quietly listening heart.


Works using various Inks.

Plein Air

Painting in the open air - "en plein air" - provides unlimited inspiration and appreciation for the wild beauty all around us. This collection contains studies and works in various media.

Acrylic Works

Acrylic works.

Studies of the Human Form

Human figure and face studies.


Works in oil paint as well as oil and cold wax.


Works in various watermedia.


Miniature artworks, measuring 25 square inches or less in overall size, with the subject matter generally rendered 1/6 or less of actual size.

Still Life Studies

Still life studies.